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📬 Watch out for E-Mails, dear Template Manager.

📬 Watch out for E-Mails, dear Template Manager.

You know that feeling of finishing a big checklist? And the confetti, right? I mean that one:
confetti on checklist

But what if no one notices that you just completed the checklist brilliantly?
Now you have to do it manually and let them know that you’re done.
Until now.

A little side note: Did you know?

A Template Manager is the person responsible for quality assurance and monitoring of the mapped process. He is interested in the progress and problems that occur during the completion of the checklist.


From now on everyone will notice

With the new release, the template manager receives a notification about the completion of a checklist.

As soon as someone completes a checklist for which a template manager has been set, this person receives a notification to the e-mail address provided. Attached to this email will be the completed checklist as a PDF including possible annotations and images. 

This way, the person in charge has the immediate opportunity to react to any notes, comments or problems and does not have to proactively search for the hints. 

And that is just the beginning. We want checklists to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of processes and repetitive processes. That’s why we need your help: What important events do you want to be informed about? 

Tell us about your use cases, tell us what you need, so that together we can achieve exactly this goal.